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Unprocessed Quality Herbs

Herbs n Pets
stand for wellness of pets.

We promote Health Maintenance using

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Supplements,
Unprocessed Quality Herbs.

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Unprocessed Quality Herbs
May strengthen the body's inner pharmacy.
Each body comes from the invisible with effortless ease to the visible.  The body's visible form can be cared for with unprocessed quality herbs served with food or capsuled.

A wellness regimen may be enhanced with vitamins and minerals

complimented with filtered water and clean air.


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Herbs n Pets

stand for wellness of pets.

We promote Emotional Maintenance using the

Essence-of-Flowers based on Dr. Bach's finding.

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Flower Essences discovered by Dr. Edward Bach
Soothe Emotions
Flower-Essence is not about each flower's chemical properties.

It is about each flower's subtle ~essence~ positive effect on emotions.

Live flowers have influencing positive energies.

The "essence" of flowers influences the "essence" of life.

Flower-Essences provides pets with a gentle relief from emotional stress.


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