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Pets have feelings and can experience feelings of happiness, sadness, boredom, fear, depression and stress.  They react to changes in their environment and your mood can have an effect on them.   When tender loving care (TLC) is not enough, and medical problems have been ruled out as the cause of these emotional states, "Flower-Essence" preparations discovered by Dr. Bach can assist to calm their hearts discomforts.

These diluted infusions of flowers and tree-buds may act upon their mental state.  They may provide pets with a gentle system of emotional stress relief.

Often, psychological improvement brings about a physical improvement.

Use our Pet Emotion Questionnaire to help decide which flower-essence is best for your pet.



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Pet Emotion Questionnaire

Enter the number 1 to questions which are a definite YES.

Does your pet have vague fears you cannot explain?
Does your pet appear distressed?
Does your pet appear shy and easily frightened by particular circumstances and things?
Does your pet become nervous and too paralyzed to act when faced with situations or things that are frightening?
Does your pet lack confidence?
In the pecking order with other pets is your pet on the lower level?
Does your pet prefer solitude rather than socialize with other pets?
Does your pet appear aloof, self-reliant, intelligent and a loner?
Is your pet extremely affectionate, possessive and jealous?
Does your pet always stay nearby needing constant attention or always want to be in your lap?
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"Yes" Total Flower Essences


Flower Essence Remedies


Mid-size to Large Dogs:      7 - 10 drops three times daily

Cats and small dogs:        2 - 4 drops three times daily

Give three times daily in water, food or directly under the tongue.



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