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Ear Cleaning Time

Check your pet's ears from time-to-time.

Wet a soft towel in squeezed lemon juice mixed with warm water and

                                                                                                                        Wipe      and Wipe.


If you notice a build-up of dark matter in your pet's ears, it could be mite's calling card :(   Have your veterinarian check it out.

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Grooming Time

Where is the Comb and Brush?

You Know What To Do? - Yes You Do.

This is also a good time for general visual and skin feel inspection.

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Nail Clipping Time

Hear that Click Click Clicking sound across the kitchen floor.

It's that time again.


Look down at your toe-nails; hold your big toe.

Now, from experience you have learned where to stop when clipping your toe-nails.

You see the difference between the toe-nail that need clipping and the toe-nail that covers your toe-nail meat.  If you clip the toe-nail that covers your toe-nail meat, you will cause yourself great distress.

With a clipper of your choice, clip the toe-nail part that you know will cause you no pain.

Okay, look at your pet's toe-nail.  See some toe-nail portions cover some meat.

Clip the clear toe-nail farthest away from the meat

as far as you can see - STOP

                                              then  File    the remainder.


Your pet will tell you when you have filed close enough.

If you are unsure which is which, be safe than sorry ------- just use a nail file instead of clippers or razors.

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Teeth Cleaning Time

We all know gnarling on fresh carrots scrub teeth clean, but lets do more to clean our pet's teeth.

Daily rub your pet's teeth with a cloth or use cotton swabs.
Cotton swabs can reach all areas around the teeth.

Use a dental scrapper to remove plaque from under the gums and over the teeth.
Ask your veterinarian to help you.  Your veterinarian is skilled removing plague and has all plaque removing equipment.

You must decide if you want to clean thoroughly yourself or have your pet put to sleep by the vet for every teeth cleaning time.

Whatever your choice may be, do something rather than allow more plaque to build-up on your pet's teeth.

If you wait too long, you will be outside the perimeters of

Preventive Health Maintenance


Maintenance Topics

Ear Cleaning    Grooming    Nail Clipping    Teeth Cleaning



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