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Introduce herbs gradually into your pet's diet
because some pets may be allergic to some herbs.

Herb Topics


Yucca Root Herb
[Yucca Schidigera]
Yucca may soothe arthritis pain, inflammation and swelling.  This herb improves the body's ability to produce its own cortisone by supplying needed nutrients to the adrenal glands.  Yucca eases hip dysplasia; it improves cartilages.

Yucca herb works even better with the support of Alfalfa herb.

Bingham, R., B.A. Bellow, and J.G. Bellow. 1975.   Yucca plant saponin in the management of arthritis. J. Appl. Nutr. 27:45-51.

Mix powdered yucca in food or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.



Alfalfa Leaf Herb
[Medicago sativa]
Alfalfa herb used with Yucca herb helps with muscle or joint pains.   It provides nourishing nutritional supplements rich in vitamins and minerals for enhancing pet's overall health.  It is enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, essential amino acids and beta-carotene and K.  It is a source of chlorophyll and is high in electrolytes.  It helps detoxify the liver and aids the relief of arthritic pain.
Topics Mix powdered alfalfa in food or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.



Uva Ursi Leaf Herb
Uva Ursi helps dissolves crystals by softening them; this herb also soothes delicate urinary tract tissues.   It eases kidney and bladder problems.

Nikolaev S, Shantanova L, Mondodoev A, Rakshaina M, Lonshakova K, Glyzin V.   Pharmacological activity of the dry extract from the leaves for Arctostaphylos uva-ursi L in experimental nephropyelitis. RastitelNye Resursy 1996; 32:118-23.

Mix powdered uva ursi with distilled water in soft food.  Use daily until no longer needed.



Mites act like leeches; they live off the host.  Mite's leeching behavior and debris cause irritation and infection.  Pet's ears suffer most from mites.  Gently clean pet's ears then annoint ears with Pennyroyal Essential oil to subdue mites.



Dandelion Leaves and Roots Herb
[Taraxacum officinale]
Edema, an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body.  In cases of water retention due to heart problems, Dandelion Herb may help as a diuretic.
Topics Mix powdered dandelion herb in food or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.



    Black Walnut Herb
[Juglans nigra]
Black Walnut Herb may help remove heartworms.
There are roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and other worm types, but heartworms are the most fatal.   They can clog the dog's heart and blood vessels thereby preventing blood from flowing from the heart to other vital organs.  Without constant blood circulating, pet becomes very weak, may faint, breathing becomes very difficult and there is shortness of breath and a lot of coughing.

Black Walnut herb may ease the accumulation of worms living in your pet's body.
Topics For preventive worm care 1 serving per day may be sufficient.

During an acute condition with heartworms, give Black Walnut Herb 3 times a day for a minimum of three (3) months.

Mix powdered black walnut in food or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets over 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.

Do not use Black Walnut herb during pregnancy.



Hawthorn Berries

[Crataegus species]
Heartworm infestation damages/weakens the heart.  Hawthorn will help heal the physical damaged weakened heart.  It is known to dilates heart blood vessels for more oxygen-rich blood to properly circulate to all organs.
Expanding heart blood vessels also help deceased heartworms to pass.

Animal and laboratory studies report hawthorn contains antioxidants...may help stop some of the damage from free radicals, especially when it comes to heart disease.

Topics Mix powdered hawthorn in food or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.



Goldenseal Leaf Herb
[Hydrastis canadensis]
Goldenseal is considered a natural antibiotic It may strengthen the defense system and destroy viral growths that cause fever.  It's key ingredient is berberine.

Topics Use powdered goldenseal or brew as tea or use capsuled.
(00) capsules for pets 15 lbs. and over
(0) capsules for pets under 15 lbs.




Select:   "00"  - MEDIUM capsules for pets over 15 lbs.  


Select:   "0"   - SMALL capsules for pets under 15 lbs.  



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